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We are the KUSING company, which has been engaged in the production and development of woodworking machines since 1991. We have our own production technologies, thanks to which we can offer unique solutions in the field of machine production.

Our production covers the production of classic woodworking machines for small and medium-sized carpentry workshops as well as solutions for the sawmill segment where we focus primarily on solutions with a saw blade.

Here we offer solutions for longitudinal cutting of material, i.e. MULTI RIP circular saws, as well as solutions for CROSS-CUTT cutting of materials

Brushing/grinding machines are also a strong production segment where we offer a wide range of solutions for all kinds of problems.

Pán Ján Kurila
Farská 75
059 92 Huncovce

Ďalšie inzeráty a ponuky strojov:
Dvojhriadeľový viaclopatkový
Dvojhriadeľový viaclopatkový Cosmec SMB 200

MAX cutting depth: 200 mm Chain width: 400 mm MAX distance between exterior blades: 380 mm Blades diameter (min/max): 250 / 350 mm Adjustable feeding speed (inverter): 5 – 30 mt/mi... ...

Rámová píla na lignum vertikálne fod bydgoszcz
Rámová píla na lignum vertikálne fod bydgoszcz FOD BYDGOSZCZ DTRA 63

Trak lignum vertical frame sawmill fod bydgoszcz FOD Vertical frame sawmill fod bydgoszcz Vertical frame sawmill bydgoszcz used 2000 Make: Fod vertical frame sawmill bydgoszcz Mode... ...

viacčepeľová píla
viacčepeľová píla Paul KU3 800

Type: KU3 800 Machine no: 7547953 Refurbished with new feed rollers Tech. info: Max work pcs width 800mm Max work pcs thickness 80mm Min work pcs length 340mm Spindle speed 5200 ... ...

viacčepeľová píla
viacčepeľová píla Multi rip saw Jonsered

Multi rip saw Jonsered SM 90 TC IDC000070 - Max. cutting height: 900 mm - Min. cutting height: 100 mm - Max. planing height: 900 mm - Min. planing height: 100 mm Boin3zzwdbm - Meta... ...

Viacčepeľová píla
Viacčepeľová píla Cosmec SM 320

Multirip saw COSMEC SM320, year of manufacture 1990 Manufacture Cosmec Italy Max. cutting height 120mm Max. Width of blade pack 300mm Max. blade diameter 350mm / min. 280mm Min. w... ...

viacúčelová píla
viacúčelová píla CML SCA 220 T250

CML SCA 220 T250 multi-saw Cutting width 250 mm Isgjhjza Cutting height 120 mm Saw blade diameter minimum 200 mm maximum 350 mm Central lubrication Electrical adjustment of cuttin... ...

Viackotúčová okružná píla
Viackotúčová okružná píla Raimann

Raimann multi-blade circular saw, in good condition, available immediately If you are interested, we will also be happy to inform you about other machines in our company. Wuvzm22 ... ...

Viacčepeľová píla
Viacčepeľová píla Waco Lamell 90

Multirip saw Waco Lamell 90: Max. Cutting height: 100 mm Chain width: 300 mm Updoasqk Power: 55kW... ...

Paletové polotovary píla HAIST
Paletové polotovary píla HAIST HAIST ASN-2U

HAIST ASN-2U pallet board saw Rjs9p7ni 5 adjustable cutting units... ...

Multiblade STANKO цдк5
Multiblade STANKO цдк5 STANKO цдк5

Track width (mm): 250 Max. cutting height (mm): 100 Vmw2zu9ic Motor power (kW): 22... ...

Multiblade STANKO цдк5
Multiblade STANKO цдк5 STANKO цдк5

Track width (mm): 250 Max. cutting height (mm): 100 Motor power (kW): 17 Boes0nxwnx3... ...

Multiblade MAKA V350
Multiblade MAKA V350 MAKA v350

Track width (mm): 350 Max. cutting height (mm): 120 Motor power (kW): 30 Cgetfcqb Feed speed (m/min.): 0 - 40 Max. blade diameter (mm): 360... ...

Multiblade BRODPOL WP150
Multiblade BRODPOL WP150 brodpol wp150

max cutting height 150mm max saw diameter 450mm spindle diameter 70mm max width of the element without the guide 700mm Rxbqcpzu92 working width of the shaft with saws 600mm motor 4... ...

Viacčepeľová píla
Viacčepeľová píla Paul K 34G O-1200

- Working width (mm): 1200 - Cutting width (mm): 1100 Jca7utt0 - Cutting height (mm): approx. 60 - Engine power (kW): approx. 22 - Steel rollers: top and bottom... ...

viacčepeľová píla
viacčepeľová píla Cosmec SM320

Cosmec SM320 multi-saw Caterpillar width 320mm Cutting height up to 120mm Hu2s2ew Saw size min/max: 280-350mm Feed speed adjustable on inverter Bushing diameter 70mm 22kw main mot... ...

viacčepeľová píla
viacčepeľová píla SCM M3 Multi blade saw

Motor: 40Kw The machine is technically in mint condition. Szch7usf8... ...

Multirip píla Haller s 90 pílovými kotúčmi
Multirip píla Haller s 90 pílovými kotúčmi Haller

Haller multi-rip saw for scoring or through-cutting with 57 saw blades 240 mm and 33 saw blades 180 mm diameter. Spjklcg38... ...

viacčepeľová píla
viacčepeľová píla Raimann Variorip 310 M

Stroj je používany. Je zapojený a je Crkhg0rb... ...

Automatická viacbritvová píla
Automatická viacbritvová píla Raimann KS 310

No. 04405 Automatic multirip saw RAIMANN KS 310 Used, year of construction 1997 Chain width 340 mm Cutting width max. 310 mm Passage width max. 650 mm Cutting height max. 120 mm... ...

Viacčepeľová píla
Viacčepeľová píla SCM M2

18.5 kW motor Cutting height 12 cm Cutting width 22 cm Saw hole diameter 70 mm Maximum saw size 350 mm Feed adjustable on variator Boaaesbdeq3 Feed speed 6-48 m/min Central rail lu... ...

Viacčepeľová píla
Viacčepeľová píla WEINIG EconoRip 310

Multirip saw Max. Cutting width 310 mm Chain width 340 mm Max. Passage width / input width 650 mm Max. Cutting height with Quickfix clamping flange 110 mm Saw shaft diameter 65 mm... ...

FOD DPPD 50 FOD Bydgoszcz DPPD 50

Max cutting height 150mm Bn88kfyzpvw Max cutting width 500mm Feed has rollers... ...

Ripsaw Ledinek 2235

Ledinek splitting saw, type 2235 incl. accessories Bn82jnkbc7h... ...

Dvojhriadeľový viaclopatkový - TOS SVITAVY PWR412
Dvojhriadeľový viaclopatkový - TOS SVITAVY PWR412 TOS SVITAVY PWR412

Two-shaft multi-saw - TOS SVITAVY PWR412 Rqws3wm07d Feed system: caterpillar + upper rollers Feed speed: from 4 to 40 m/min Motor powers: 2 x 75 kW Min. height of inserted materia... ...

viacčepeľová píla
viacčepeľová píla A.Costa Jaguar 2-75

Double spindle multi rip saw - Manufacturer: A.Costa Rqtqfu7q29 - Model: Jaguar - Max cutting height: 200 mm... ...